SB-34 – Compassionate Cannabis

Join us on Thursday March 4th from 2-3:30pm to learn more about CA cannabis compassion programs, how to navigate compassion resources as a MMJ patient, therapeutic effects of cannabis, and how we can compliantly work together to support patient communities in need! 

Register TODAY at the link in menu or joint us on @thelbca youtube channel live!! Can’t wait to see you there! ✨

Do not lose hope! Remember that one day your story will be someone else’s survival guide. And always be brave enough to do the right thing….. even if others don’t. The right thing and the hard thing are usually the same thing….. and difficulties show up when you’re doing the right thing too, often BECAUSE your doing the right thing…. Character is how you treat people who can do nothing for you. Creating change doesn’t get easier – but for fuck sake – please don’t complain about it without proposing a solution…. so thankful for this squad of change makers!


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