Bad Habits Which Can Kill an Entrepreneur’s Productivity

Everyone has bad habits. It is part of the human experience. 

Most of the time, our bad habits are just an annoyance or a health concern. But from an entrepreneurial standpoint, however, bad habits can lead a business opportunity toward failure.

The issue is this: we don’t often recognize that the habits we have formed are actually “bad.” We’re so used to our daily routine that we don’t think about how certain choices may be holding us back.

Most bad habits will not just disappear on their own. You must cope with them in some way to encourage them to go away. That process begins for the entrepreneur by identifying the bad habits that are lurking in the shadows.

Find Your Bad Habits and Deal with Them Today

The cannabis industry faces the same bad habits that every other industry faces today. As mainstream acceptance increases, this trend will increase as well. Are you affected by any of these bad habits right now?

Five Bad Habits that Often Affect My Career 

#1. Your email is dictating your priorities.

For many entrepreneurs, their inbox is the first thing and last thing they check every day. Although communication is important, allowing the inbox to control your routine means you’re making the priorities of other people become your top priority.

Instead of randomly checking your email throughout the day and responding to what you find, designate a specific time during the day to check the inbox. Respond to messages only within this designated time. You’ll be surprised at how much extra time that gives you during the day.

#2. You feel overwhelmed by huge projects regularly.

Big projects offer big challenges. They also offer the potential for big rewards. Between licensing – software changes – hiring and training entire teams of people – branding, then rebranding – finding investments – figuring out where we can save money and everything in between we often find ourselves looking at more work than we know if we can accomplish in the necessary time frame. 

When you look at the overall project and all the tasks that will be required, it can feel overwhelming. When many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed, their natural reaction is to freeze. Leaving us in a constant state of procrastination forcing us to cram all of the work in a short period of time…..

But the sad truth is ….. That’s not procrastination. That is paralysis.

Try breaking off small chunks of the project to work on instead of looking at the whole thing. Schedule chunks of time to focus on certain projects and stick to it! Small successes build toward bigger ones. Take it one step at a time instead of trying to leap the entire staircase.

#3. Tangents become more important than the actual need.

There are distractions everywhere today. Email, Instagram, phone calls, texts – the list seems almost endless.

There are also distractions within every conversation. It can be easy to get sucked into a tangent and discuss those issues instead of focusing on the main topic. If entrepreneurs keep running down rabbit holes during every conversation, it becomes nearly impossible to take action on something…. and this happens in epic proportions in the cannabis space due to our very creativity enhancing, emotionally supportive, pain relieving friend Mary Jane. 

To solve this problem, eliminate the distractions. Shut down your phone. Turn off your computer if you can. Focus on 1 task and get it done. Then focus on another task. 

If your office is cannabis friendly – take communal scheduled smoke breaks where everyone can smoke and participate in the conversations away from the area in which work is done and then GET BACK TO WORK. 

#4. You like to jump right in on a new idea.

It can be very tempting to accept a new idea right away. Entrepreneurs dream big and a great idea makes it feel like those dreams are within reach. Also, many people are being directed by need for capital and take the first money that comes their way. 

Here’s the problem: by jumping right in, you’re not thinking about what the consequences of such an action may bring. 

This impatience tends to bring about results that are far from optimal. Instead of trying to decide what is best for the business, entrepreneurs are focused on removing anxiety from their team and message. Or worse, the emotion which controls the decision-making progress is greed.

To avoid this issue, ask yourself one question before jumping onto an idea that seems awesome. What would happen if you decided to walk away from this idea right now instead of accepting it? This becomes EXCEPTIONALLY important when picking partners or taking investors. This perspective forces you to look at both sides of the issue. It offers the chance to make an empowered decision instead of an impulsive one.

#5. You’ve lost track of time.

Entrepreneurs have super busy schedules. You go to work early, stay late, and probably work from home at least a day or two per week.

When people become busy, they become forgetful. That turns into a bad habit very quickly. Forgetfulness leads to missed meetings, busted deadlines, and poor customer service.

Try using a calendar app that will remind you of your schedule each day. Take 20 minutes each day to ensure your calendar is up-to-date. Then stick to your calendar to manage your routines more effectively.

Even the most effective entrepreneurs in our world today have bad habits. The most successful people have one thing in common: they work hard to limit the influence of their bad habits.

By identifying the bad habits that are affecting your performance, you can shore up your weaknesses. That allows you to grow as a professional as your business grows too. And if you can’t make the world a slightly better place along the way…. at least try not to be a piece of shit in the process.  

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  1. Very good Nicole. I see where several of these have been a problem for me. Thanks for sharing these with us.

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