How to Stay Motivated Without Appreciation

 Some entrepreneurs are motivated to keep moving forward, whether they receive recognition for their work or not.

Most entrepreneurs, however, feel unappreciated on some level. They put in plenty of hours each week and no one notices or cares. It is an issue that affects solo entrepreneurs most often.

Not feeling appreciated can cause anyone to question what they are doing. For the entrepreneur, that means reductions in performance can happen. Some may even question their commitment to a project or the validity of the idea they are pursuing.

It can be difficult to stay motivated if you feel underappreciated, but “difficult” is not the same as “impossible.”

Here are the steps you can start taking right now to ensure you can keep pushing forward with what you do each day.

#1. Create your own goals and reward yourself for meeting them.

You have the ability to set your own goals. You can find joy when you meet those goals. You can even reward yourself for doing an awesome job.

It does feel good when someone else recognizes our accomplishments. It also feels good when you create an environment of self-appreciation.

Entrepreneurs don’t get a lot of feedback, even if they are plugged into a good local network. You can counter this issue by tracking your own metrics. Put the data you generate into a visual format that allows you to evaluate your own feedback.

This sets the stage for internal motivation.

#2. Find your voice, and then use it.

Believe it or not, feelings of being underappreciated are often unnoticed by those around you. Our current world causes many to live busy, hectic lives. That means one of the easiest ways to stay motivated is to find your voice.

Talk to people about how you feel. Don’t turn your feelings into a complaint. Just be real about who you are and what you feel. That will open up lines of communication with your network (or your boss), allowing you to be forthright about what you need.

Talking about how you feel may not create change. It will, however, tell everyone where you are and what you need.

#3. Understand how important your work happens to be.

In the cannabis industry, entrepreneurs feel like they make a real difference in people’s lives. Their products can alleviate bothersome symptoms, encourage healing, and build relationships. An entrepreneur feeling underappreciated in this scenario has likely lost sight of how important their work happens to be.

Many tasks feel pointless, but they are far from it. You’re not just selling a product. You’re improving the life of someone.

That’s why the risks are worth it for so many people. When your work can cause others to feel better, live more productive lives, and create many other benefits, it becomes easier to appreciate the full value of what you do every day.

Even if what you’re doing right now is cataloging your inventory or cleaning your shop.

#4. Get some exercise every day.

Physical activity relieves stress. It can alleviate anxiety. It even inspires creativity.

Getting some exercise can be about improving how you look physically, but it goes much deeper than that. Entrepreneurs that exercise moderately for 150 minutes per week have a stronger mental fortitude and feel better about who they are and what they do.

Exercise at any time is beneficial. Working out in the morning tends to provide the most benefits. Here’s why.

If you’re feeling defeated and underappreciated, what will your motivation level be to go jogging when you get home? On a scale of 1-10, it would likely be somewhere around -7.

As an added benefit, it feels good to take care of yourself. Those feelings can transfer to the other tasks you complete throughout the day.

#5. Spread the love.

 If you feel underappreciated, there’s a good chance that the people around you feel the same way. Change the culture and you will likely change how you feel.

Tell the people with whom you work about why you appreciate them. Pick out one specific thing you enjoyed and discuss it.

Or tell people that you needed their specific skill set to complete a project. When people feel needed, they feel appreciated.

If you work on your own, then pay attention to the small details of the people around you. Complement a customer on their shirt or product choice. Greet returning customers by name if you can. Tell your competitors what you like about their brand.

When you focus on the things that rarely get mentioned, you can find motivation. You can do this on your own and you can provide this for others.

In time, you may find that with increased motivation comes a higher level of happiness with what you do as well.

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