Blunt Talks : Women Share

Blunt Talks s

Click THIS LINK to watch the whole video for Blunt Talks Women Share


So much love and gratitude to all of the ladies who have lit the Blunt Talks stage. These women inspired and connected with the hearts and minds of 420+ people on Saturday night!! We are all so thankful to connect with you on your journeys. ⁣.
Keynote Speaker : Wanda James
Influencer Panel : @missradreefer
Women Business Owner Panel : Eliza Maroney, Whitney Beatty, Mandy Tingler, Lindsy Kirk & Corey Thomas .
#OpeningDoors #ElevatingMinds#CreatingCommunity .
⁣Blunt Talks is a series of engaging speeches & networking events that are focused on cultivating professional relationships that bridge the gap between cannabis industry leaders and mainstream businesses while showcasing some of the most amazing brands in the business. ⁣.
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