Nichole West Bio

Nichole is a nationwide Cannabis Business, Cultivation & Efficiency Expert. With over 10 years in the cannabis industry she has worked for large cannabis marketing companies like and Rosebud Magazine and has also had success in 45+ cannabis business applications, opened 20 retail locations in four states, overseen as many as 400 employees, and has helped scale over 150,000 square feet of cultivation. She is the founder and managing partner of Inclusive Cannabis, a full service cannabis business development firm. Nichole West is a senior adviser of a private equity investment firm where she and her company performs due diligence on cannabis businesses seeking funding. Additionally Nichole is working toward expanding her already existing love for helping people by creating an event networking circuit that focuses on strong mentorship & career building workshops in the cannabis space.


2019 – OC Weekly People Issues : Cannabiz Specialist

2018 – High Times Magazine : 100 Women in High Places

2017 – Cannabis Business Awards : Woman of the Year

2016 – Marijuana Venture : 40 under 40

2015 – High Times Magazine : Miss March


#InclsuiveCannabis  #BluntTalks

@ Long Beach, California

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