Indo Expo California 2018

“Learn how to successfully hire outside of the cannabis industry for key roles within your cannabis business. Hear from someone who has hired over 400 people in the cannabis industry on which skills are in highest demand in the cannabis work force and which careers are exceptionally transferable. Create all stars when you turn your applicants current job skills and passions into an exciting career in the cannabis” industry.

Speaker Bio: Nichole West: West is an American businesswoman, Cannabis Advocate, and a Cannabis Educator. High Times March 2015 “Miss High Times”, Marijuana Venture Magazine’s 2016 top 40 under 40 and Cannabis Business Awards “Woman of the Year” 2017. West has operated companies across the United States, assisted in obtaining over 22 licenses, open 12 stores, scale over 100,000 square feet of cultivation and open and brand two extract companies. On several occasions, Nichole has been invited to consult city and county municipalities in Cannabis Law Development, as the industry continues to grow. West is also a known speaker for the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, as well as the CWCBE (Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition), with Clover Leaf University speaking to people about strain and product selection, training, efficiencies as well as how to open and scale a cannabis business. Nichole has worked for high impact cannabis brands like, Advanced Nutrients & The Clinic Colorado. West also works to keep people informed about the importance of cannabis philanthropy, working with organizations like Weed for Warriors, that helps veterans receive access to medical marijuana. Currently Nichole is a managing partner of Inclusive Cannabis ( a full service cannabis marketing company, the Director of Business Development of COWA Science (, a cannabis business supply chain business that focuses on efficiencies and streamlined procedures, and serves as a Senior Partner of a private equity investment firm that has a focus on the cannabis industry.

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