Nichole West – The Road Less Traveled

• 2019 – OC Weekly : People Issue Cannabis Business Specialist

• 2018 – High Times Magazine : 100 Women in High Places

• 2017 – Cannabis Business Awards CBA Globes : Woman of the Year

• 2016 – Marijuana Venture : 40 under 40

• 2016 – LeafBuyer’s Power List

• 2015 – High Times Magazine : Miss March 2015

West entered the Cannabis Industry early in California. By 24, West had immersed herself in the California Real Estate Market CFALB. As a Real Estate Agent, West began cultivating deals to acquire sites for marijuana businesses. This included developing legal cannabis exit clauses for both parties in real estate transactions. As well as creating a method that screened ideal properties for zoning, electrical capabilities and the areas consumer demographics. It was during this time that West became a partner in the Marijuana Collective, Canna Collective Long Beach. Managing licensing, sales and compliance for the business. After completing all required tenant improvements and receiving a certificate of occupancy in the Fall of 2011, due to a State Supreme Court Ruling, the City of Long Beach overturned the ordinances[8] that allowed Marijuana Collectives to operate, causing Canna Collective Long Beach, to close.

Shortly after, in December of 2011, West went to work for the marijuana finder site and app development company, Weedmaps. Here, West worked as a Sales Manager, responsible for the company’s sales for the Northern half of California. During West’s employment with Weedmaps, West would help launch the marketing campaign for a new vaporizer pen – the ‘G Pen’, that would eventually partner with the celebrity artist, Snoop Dog. As well as being one of the key employees responsible for the launch of Weedmaps’ In 2012, West moved to Denver, Colorado, to help the company establish another Weedmaps’ office and form the new Colorado Branch. Shortly after the set up of the new Weedmaps’ office, West left the marijuana finder site, and started employment with a local Denver dispensary, The Clinic Colorado. Here, West helped marijuana patients until 2013.

When West left The Clinic Colorado, she went to work for another dispensary, Mile High Cannabis, where she became the Vice President of Operations. Overseeing daily operations, as well as developing standards for operating procedures, while running compliance protocols as the dispensary’s Compliance Officer. In the 2013 year, West was one of the key executives responsible for the re-branding of Mile High Cannabis. Helping to bring together Mile High Cannabis, CCF (Colorado Cannabis Facility), Metropolis Cannabis and Berkeley Wellness, into Tru Cannabis. In 2014, while still working with Mile High Cannabis, West was registered as a Professor at Clover Leaf University that is the first to be certified by the Colorado Department of Higher Education to teach cannabis business classes. Nichole teaches Cannabis Compliance, Cultivation, Processes and Sales classes, as well as Dispensary & Cultivation Management courses. Though by 2015, West had ended her employment with Tru Cannabis and became the Director of Sales for Kind Love. That same year, West also won the ‘Miss High Times‘ Award for March 2015, it was then that West popularized her nickname, ‘Harvest Honey’.

By October 2015, West took on the position of Vice President of Operations and Business Management for AJS’ Holdings’. A Colorado based, multi-state vertically integrated chain of Medical and Recreational Dispensaries, grows, and extract processing facilities. With ten locations in and around Denver, Colorado and one in Portland, Oregon.

Now, at 34, West has helped companies across the United States, obtain over 22 licenses and has overseen the sale of over $220,000,000 in legal cannabis. Consulting city and county municipalities in Cannabis Law Development, as the industry continues to grow.

West is also a known speaker for the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, CWCBE (Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition), Blunt Talks, Women of Cannabis, Clover Leaf University, Women of Sensi, The Best You Expo, High Times Cannabis Cup and State of Cannabis Expo. West also works to keep people informed about the importance of cannabis philanthropy, working with organizations like Weed for Warriors, that helps United States Armed Forces veterans, receive access to Medical Marijuana.

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